harman/kardon HK 620 no speaker output

hk 620 front

Volvo XC60 cannot play (some) MP3 tracks

My Volvo XC60 (2012), when reading MP3 music tracks from a USB stick, is often complaining with a "track unreadable" message. Initially I was blaming the USB stick, but the issue was still there with a different stick, and a PC never had problems reading all tracks...

Solarmax Inverters Data to MQTT

SolarMax S series inverter

Monitor your FRITZ!Box Internet bandwidth usage using lots of free software: Python, Redis, Raspbian, Mosquitto, Node-RED, InfluxDB, Grafana

Fritz!Box 7530

IoT garden irrigation for less than 30€

MQTT irrigation control with Arduino nano and Ethernet shield

My garden irrigation was driven by a six-zone traditional controller (I bought one made by Signature a few years ago), where I would use only four zones, each of which with 4 or 5 sprinklers.